World of Warcraft Patch 7.2 and legendary things

World of Warcraft Patch 7.2

This month, in March, MMORPG players in World of Warcraft are lots of interesting events: game events, Time Travel, archaeological sites and, of course, the raids. So from 6 to 12 March will be held Darkmoon Faire, which is worth a visit all fans of attractions, the achievements and exciting break away.

March 9 will be the opening of the latter, the fourth wing of the Citadel Nights for LFR, there you have to fight with yourself Gul’dan. On the same day, 15 March will be a fascinating journey through time into the underground Mists of Pandaria.

From 16 to 22 March will be held an event devoted to the fields of battle, and after, from 23 to 29 March, the heroes are waiting for additional items for defeating the final boss in any of the dungeons of this addon. Completed month battle pets. From March 30 to April 5, all your pets will be getting three times more experience.

Every two weeks in Dalaran offered new archeological mission for the implementation of which players are offered various rewards, from the usual driving gold to a moose and a new look for the artifact.

World of Warcraft Patch 7.2

World of Warcraft Patch 7.2

– Skin artifact for a series of Balance of Power quests will not be common to the entire account.
– After the campaign missions in patch 7.2 you will be able to open two new improvements stronghold.
– The 7.2 system protection against failures (we are talking about the drop rate of legendary things) will get revisions. It will take into account the class specialization. Simply put, if you have a few legendary items for one specialization, and then you change it to another (and you at the same time, for example, are no items of other specialties), then the chance to get the legendary subject for a new specialization will increase.
– Update 7.2 will change the value of different types of content, since most of the power of the artifact will be removed from the final dungeon boxes.
– In 7.2 you will be able to acquire new knowledge tomes for the artifact.
– Do not worry about the current bonus T20, as they are not the final (and continues to work on them).
– According to the team, bracers for Enhancement-Shaman need improvement.
– Skills that open class buffs for the entire group – it’s just an experiment. It is a new artifact talents that appear in Patch 7.2 (they work by using a particular skill, for example, Magovskoye “Flames of the Phoenix” has a chance to increase the chance of a critical hit. Hitting 600 for you and four allies).

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