What to expect from Star Wars Celebration 2017

From 13 to 16 April in Orlando, Florida, will host the main event for fans of “Star Wars» Star Wars Celebration. What (apart from the thousands of photos cosplayers) it is reasonable to expect from this event?

Trailer VIII episode of “Star Wars”. The Last Jedi will be released later this year, so it’s time to start to warm up the hype around the film. In the Star Wars Celebration come Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy and directed by Ryan Johnson eighth episode, and it is expected that they will present the first trailer of the new tape (which has already been looked at and approved the Disney head).

Some new information about the film about Han Solo. So far, not even a tape name! On too many can not count: the shooting of the film has just begun, the actors and director of the film are busy working on it and at the event itself does not appear.

Commemoration of Carrie Fisher. This is the first Star Wars Celebration after the death of the actress beloved by many, and it is reasonable to expect that the fans and the organizers somehow honor her memory. Kathleen Kennedy has stated that it plans to use a digital double in the ninth episode of Fisher not perhaps it will announce something more specific.

New from EA Games. Almost for sure you can wait for the announcement of the sequel Star Wars Battlefront (2015), the benefit of it EA itself has repeatedly said during the financial reporting, and its release is also planned for this year. They promise to show a few games so you can cautiously hope for the official announcement of the ambitious project Visceral Games, which had been worked Amy Hennig and Kim Swift. So far, EA has officially calling a play Star Wars: The Old Republic, and mobile games: Star Wars: Pinball, Star Wars : Galaxy of Heroes and Star Wars: Force Collection.

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