Walking War Robots – the future is already here

Walking War Robots

Walking War Robots a game for fans of online battles with robots. In mechanics, graphics, and the idea of it is a bit like World of Tanks, here also you can buy new robots, pump levels to fight in exciting and epic battles. Moreover, according to the currently popular Walking War Robots are not far behind WOT and may even become a kind of test your hardware capabilities.

There are two in-game fictional currency gold and silver. Silver you get for each round, gold can only be purchased for real money. Following the acquisition of gold it can be converted into money. cost robots measured in silver units (some only for gold coins can be purchased).

In the hangar initially available to you only one slot for a robot. Open an extra slot offers of N gold pieces. For example, the second slot worth 10 units, the third 140 gold coins. For each new level you will be encouraged to silver coins. Few words should be said about the schedule it is amazing. Textures, fire effects, maps, models of robots all done very efficiently. Physics is also interesting. Yes, there is no ragdoll’a, but is it needed?

The question is only of interest. For example, after several rounds of the game, we are simply bored. Perhaps robots are no longer the object of our interest in connection with age, but the target audience will definitely enjoy the game. Despite the positive reviews in the AppStore, we can only share the pronounced enthusiasm of the mass. War Robots Cheats ( AppStore ) has detailed combat pistols with nice weapons, but that is basically everything. Because of the lack of speed and the lack of possibilities to defend or deflect missiles by means of clever play (instead of a weapon, a shield can be attached), the battles are always the same. It is clear to us that these are heavy and powerful campaigners, but would agitators and more extensive defense systems have been so bad? Added to this is the sobering fact.

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