NBA 2K17 presents 2017 All-Star Game

2K Sports advances several hours ahead of the expected NBA All-Star Game of 2017 , which will take place on Sunday 19 , and which will present the best players of the league in an unrivaled match in New Orleans. In it will participate Marc Gasol , and to celebrate, they have distributed images of the aspect that will look on the track in NBA 2K17.

The new edition of the 2K Games sports series brings a renewed MiCarrera mode to the hand of award-winning actor Michael B. Jordan , as well as offering a more realistic NBA simulation . The mechanics of shooting have been improved and for the first time, it will be possible to play with 21 best clubs in Europe, including the 16 teams competing in Euroleague 2016-2017.

NBA 2K17 is already on sale on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One . In Spain, Pau Gasol stars in the cover. You can consult our analysis, in which it obtained a 9. As it is almost traditional, a simulator has been used to try to predict the outcome of a sports competition, something that has been done with different success: this time NBA 2K17 predicts that this year’s NBA play-offs will win To the Golden State Warriors.

In the last years we have seen forecasts with a lot of luck, like Champ Man 16 giving to Spain like winner of Eurocopa or Electronic Arts indicating that Germany would win the world-wide one of soccer of 2014 with the official game of the championship. Earlier this NBA season, NBA 2K17 Cheats was already used to make a prediction , although contradictory to the current one: that the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors would face in the final, winning the first.

Now, with the final group of play-offs defined , the competition that will determine the great winner of the NBA, the game offers a different result. The end of each conference would face the Warriors with the Rockets and the Wizards with the Cavaliers. In the final they would win the Golden State Warriors of by an adjusted margin of 4 parties in its favor and 3 in favor of Cleveland Cavaliers. You can see the results of the confrontations of both conferences and the grand finale in the following scheme.

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