How to play NBA Live Mobile

nba live mobile

nba live mobile

As fans of the best basketball league in the world, we have not been slow to download NBA Live Mobile to prove it, and after several days of playing non-stop, in here we have prepared our guide with tricks, tips and strategies for NBA Live Mobile , Do not miss it!

Just start playing we will have to create our team , which can include all kinds of players in the NBA. The important thing is to choose players with skills that can be put together to make a good team, and we will get players as we play the game.

At first get all the players you can and do not worry about selling. Try to buy players that cost no more than 500 coins and have a rating of 65 or more, logically while the more valuation and lower cost better. It is easy to sign up for superstars, but at the beginning you will not be able to pay them, so check out the available players and see their strengths and weaknesses , combine your team players to compensate their weaknesses, and take advantage of the aspects where they are best during the parties.

Once we’ve built a decent team, it’s time to try it on the court. In NBA Live Mobile attack is not very complicated, but when it comes to defending remember that you will have to press the mark button when the opposing player is in front of us and does nothing to try to steal the ball, and if there is a pass in front of We press it to try a theft.

Use automatic mode

If you do not feel like playing the game directly, simply click on the icon in the upper left corner to activate the automatic mode , and you will see how your team starts playing alone, something very useful to get money without effort, and if you see The party is complicated or you just want to continue playing, turn it off anytime you want.

Make lots of money with the auction house

Do not forget to use the auctions to get cheap players and sell them expensive , since there are people who do not know their real value and puts them at very affordable prices. Buy them to then sell them at a higher price and earn the difference. Control the prices of the best players to know when they are cheap.

The key to getting the gold and silver players cheap is to watch when the auction house is updated . Normally it does every 5 minutes, so as soon as you update you immediately search for gold silver players and buy those you see cheap before anyone finds them.

How to get coins and prizes

One of the most important things you will have to do in NBA Live Mobile Hack to get money is to make the achievements of the game . There are games where they are adorned, but in this game we will get great prizes making them as cards and coins , so whenever you can take a look to get them. In general, if you play frequently to the game, it will be easy to get them, so try it.

On the other hand once you get certain complete teams we will get a prize. Sell ​​it and we will get many coins.

Equally when completing the different seasons in the game we will get many coins, so should be what we do at the beginning of the game given that at the beginning our team will be very loose.

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