Hearthstone in World of Warcraft

Hearthstone in World of Warcraft

While many information about the 7.2 patch fuitent, the latest build of the public test realms added some elements of Hearthstone World of Warcraft. While we had seen of Hearthstone gaming tables in World of Warcraft for some time, Blizzard seems to go one step further, with several new features:

A “Stone of Fire” mascot

Or “Hearthstone” in the original version, it represents not only our famous object of teleportation for World of Warcraft, but now also match a new mascot. It remains to be understood, of course, how it will be obtained. A promotional similar to the primordial Sabre-of-fire , or a different standard? The future will tell us. Two new models have also been datamine since PTR by Wowhead : those of the gaming tables of Hearthstone Alliance and Horde.

And if these could be mere toys, the emergence of a new area , Hearthstone Tavern in the file 7.2 patch seems to indicate a willingness to go further to Blizzard. Towards an integration full of Hearthstone in World of Warcraft by Blizzard? New items have also surfaced, and seem to reinforce the idea of integration of the card game in WoW.

So of course, it is not clear that Blizzard plans to integrate Hearthstone World of Warcraft, but you can still afford to dream. After all, there are some times, some of us were playing well Peggle for our dungeon group queues. So why not?

Hearthstone in World of Warcraft

Dream or reality?

For indeed, it would probably be possible to integrate the game (available on mobile and tablet ) in World of Warcraft. Is of course the issues of cross-platform to address, but it is a system that Blizzard has always had at heart. Remember, you can share with your friends via a chat common to all the games of the American publisher, and all without overlay please! Add to this the many promotions and cross-High made between World of Warcraft and other Blizzard games under license (as recently with the promotion of primary Sabre firewater ), and you have a service that could very well fit To a game integration, and to correspond to a more global initiative.

Sure, the indices are still thin, but the presence of Hearthstone gameboard as toy in World of Warcraft makes the track toy for new plates (those with the colors of the Alliance and Horde) less credible. Moreover when they are almost fully animated !

However, we must remember that queues LFG or LFR expectations are sometimes quite long and would enjoy Hearthstone , what would be the true interest? The game is already available on platform mobile , and would probably be very expensive for Blizzard to integrate Wow for low added value. And nothing yet to indicate whether it is anything but an addition cosmetic Wow. The debate should certainly remain open until the release of more solid information.

If the possible integration of Hearthstone in World of Warcraft can be subject to much debate and discussion, this is not the first time a nod to another Blizzard game is made in World of Warcraft, especially for Hearthstone, who was ( Stone Fireplace apart) offer number of “easter eggs” over the years.

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