DC Comic Legends For Android Reviews

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The comics the DC Legends an exciting role-playing game for your Android device, in which you have to collect their own team of superheroes and super villains, and come to grips with a variety of enemies who want to destroy the entire universe. For the first time good and evil united against a common enemy. Here you can meet characters such as Batman, Harley Quinn, Superman, The Joker, Deadpool, and many others who also want to save the world. Collect your unique team of superheroes to confront great danger.

The story and the essence of the game

The story goes that some unknown force previously wants to destroy our universe, so the heroes and villains to unite their forces to prevent this catastrophe. You have the opportunity to assemble a team of a large selection of well-known characters. As the battles in a variety of leagues and tournaments you will earn points, which are counted in the overall ranking. For characters created a variety of weapons and equipment that will allow both to cause great damage to the enemy, and to withstand attack from him. Also available to improve the characters, as the level.


Control of the game is carried out by using different abilities in the course of the battle. Each of the characters available for the three skills. Each character can use one skill, then the damage inflicted and the turn passes to the next hero. At the bottom right of the screen are the health indicators of characters, and in the middle of all available skills. Each skill has a cooldown time, measured in the attacks and dc legends cheats.


Battle Dynamics mainly lies in the beautiful animation and special effects. Since the battles take place in a consistent style, the characters themselves do not do anything. In spite of this you will find a lot of exciting fights with other players, each of which will have its team of superheroes.

Graphics and sound

The graphics in the game at a high level. The gameplay is accompanied by a beautiful special effects and animations. Conduct dialogues between the characters are also. Gameplay will be accompanied by the sounds of gaming, and out of combat tranquil melody.

• Simple and convenient operation
• High-quality graphics and sound
• User-friendly interface
• Requires a connection to the Internet
• An interesting plot
• Good gameplay

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