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How to play NBA Live Mobile

nba live mobile

nba live mobile

As fans of the best basketball league in the world, we have not been slow to download NBA Live Mobile to prove it, and after several days of playing non-stop, in here we have prepared our guide with tricks, tips and strategies for NBA Live Mobile , Do not miss it!

Just start playing we will have to create our team , which can include all kinds of players in the NBA. The important thing is to choose players with skills that can be put together to make a good team, and we will get players as we play the game.

At first get all the players you can and do not worry about selling. Try to buy players that cost no more than 500 coins and have a rating of 65 or more, logically while the more valuation and lower cost better...

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Walking War Robots – the future is already here

Walking War Robots

Walking War Robots a game for fans of online battles with robots. In mechanics, graphics, and the idea of it is a bit like World of Tanks, here also you can buy new robots, pump levels to fight in exciting and epic battles. Moreover, according to the currently popular Walking War Robots are not far behind WOT and may even become a kind of test your hardware capabilities.

There are two in-game fictional currency gold and silver. Silver you get for each round, gold can only be purchased for real money. Following the acquisition of gold it can be converted into money. cost robots measured in silver units (some only for gold coins can be purchased).

In the hangar initially available to you only one slot for a robot. Open an extra slot offers of N gold pieces...

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DC Comic Legends For Android Reviews

DC Legends cheats

The comics the DC Legends an exciting role-playing game for your Android device, in which you have to collect their own team of superheroes and super villains, and come to grips with a variety of enemies who want to destroy the entire universe. For the first time good and evil united against a common enemy. Here you can meet characters such as Batman, Harley Quinn, Superman, The Joker, Deadpool, and many others who also want to save the world. Collect your unique team of superheroes to confront great danger.

The story and the essence of the game

The story goes that some unknown force previously wants to destroy our universe, so the heroes and villains to unite their forces to prevent this catastrophe...

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Magic Rush Heroes Hack Android: Get Unlimited Resources

magic rush heroes hack android

Magic Rush Heroes Hack Android, an application for a Magic Rush Heroes for Android devices. This application provides free Asks to increase stamina as well as unlimited use of gold and diamond.

Magic Rush Heroes is an application used to collect points for free paid indefinitely. In a game must have a lot of rewards given to players for successfully carrying out its mission. Reward given can be used to increase the ability of the player or buy weapons. To get the reward is not easy while the results obtained are usually unsatisfactory. In addition, many high-value reward, but paid so can not be taken without spending any money. Obviously this is very unfortunate. That’s needed for this application.

Function Application Magic Rush Heroes Hack Android Currently Playing

In order to raise the ...

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