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Walking War Robots – the future is already here

Walking War Robots

Walking War Robots a game for fans of online battles with robots. In mechanics, graphics, and the idea of it is a bit like World of Tanks, here also you can buy new robots, pump levels to fight in exciting and epic battles. Moreover, according to the currently popular Walking War Robots are not far behind WOT and may even become a kind of test your hardware capabilities.

There are two in-game fictional currency gold and silver. Silver you get for each round, gold can only be purchased for real money. Following the acquisition of gold it can be converted into money. cost robots measured in silver units (some only for gold coins can be purchased).

In the hangar initially available to you only one slot for a robot. Open an extra slot offers of N gold pieces...

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DC Comic Legends For Android Reviews

DC Legends cheats

The comics the DC Legends an exciting role-playing game for your Android device, in which you have to collect their own team of superheroes and super villains, and come to grips with a variety of enemies who want to destroy the entire universe. For the first time good and evil united against a common enemy. Here you can meet characters such as Batman, Harley Quinn, Superman, The Joker, Deadpool, and many others who also want to save the world. Collect your unique team of superheroes to confront great danger.

The story and the essence of the game

The story goes that some unknown force previously wants to destroy our universe, so the heroes and villains to unite their forces to prevent this catastrophe...

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Hearthstone in World of Warcraft

Hearthstone in World of Warcraft

While many information about the 7.2 patch fuitent, the latest build of the public test realms added some elements of Hearthstone World of Warcraft. While we had seen of Hearthstone gaming tables in World of Warcraft for some time, Blizzard seems to go one step further, with several new features:

A “Stone of Fire” mascot

Or “Hearthstone” in the original version, it represents not only our famous object of teleportation for World of Warcraft, but now also match a new mascot. It remains to be understood, of course, how it will be obtained. A promotional similar to the primordial Sabre-of-fire , or a different standard? The future will tell us. Two new models have also been datamine since PTR by Wowhead : those of the gaming tables of Hearthstone Alliance and Horde.

And if these could be mere...

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Magic Rush Heroes Hack Android: Get Unlimited Resources

magic rush heroes hack android

Magic Rush Heroes Hack Android, an application for a Magic Rush Heroes for Android devices. This application provides free Asks to increase stamina as well as unlimited use of gold and diamond.

Magic Rush Heroes is an application used to collect points for free paid indefinitely. In a game must have a lot of rewards given to players for successfully carrying out its mission. Reward given can be used to increase the ability of the player or buy weapons. To get the reward is not easy while the results obtained are usually unsatisfactory. In addition, many high-value reward, but paid so can not be taken without spending any money. Obviously this is very unfortunate. That’s needed for this application.

Function Application Magic Rush Heroes Hack Android Currently Playing

In order to raise the ...

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What to expect from Star Wars Celebration 2017

From 13 to 16 April in Orlando, Florida, will host the main event for fans of “Star Wars» Star Wars Celebration. What (apart from the thousands of photos cosplayers) it is reasonable to expect from this event?

Trailer VIII episode of “Star Wars”. The Last Jedi will be released later this year, so it’s time to start to warm up the hype around the film. In the Star Wars Celebration come Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy and directed by Ryan Johnson eighth episode, and it is expected that they will present the first trailer of the new tape (which has already been looked at and approved the Disney head).

Some new information about the film about Han Solo...

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Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel It is very difficult, but not for very long

Dark Souls 3

Hardly anyone doubts that Dark Souls 3 finale for the series did not. Nevertheless Now From Software with the franchise really parted, and therefore the third part in the history of the “dark souls” put quite a bullet. The main storyline in any supplements and does not need to wait for them meaningless Hidetaka Miyazaki, the head of From Software, he said that the history of the DLC for Dark Souls 3 will be independent, did not affect the original game. But it is hardly necessary to be upset addition Artorias of the Abyss also almost no effect on the storyline of the original Dark Souls, but did disclose some of the details of the universe, that the story as a whole was perceived much better...

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World of Warcraft Patch 7.2 and legendary things

World of Warcraft Patch 7.2

This month, in March, MMORPG players in World of Warcraft are lots of interesting events: game events, Time Travel, archaeological sites and, of course, the raids. So from 6 to 12 March will be held Darkmoon Faire, which is worth a visit all fans of attractions, the achievements and exciting break away.

March 9 will be the opening of the latter, the fourth wing of the Citadel Nights for LFR, there you have to fight with yourself Gul’dan. On the same day, 15 March will be a fascinating journey through time into the underground Mists of Pandaria.

From 16 to 22 March will be held an event devoted to the fields of battle, and after, from 23 to 29 March, the heroes are waiting for additional items for defeating the final boss in any of the dungeons of this addon. Completed month battle pets...

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World of Warcraft: Legion Reviews And Download

World of Warcraft Legion

After nearly a month after the new expansion of World of Warcraft has finally come time to draw the first conclusions: given the nature of any MMO, and that of everyone, will certainly not be definitive considerations, being vast the world offered by the universe of Warcraft, but now all content is able to outline the structure of this new expansion.

The launch of World of Warcraft: Legion , it is known , he had the task of reviving the fortunes of a title that was no longer in step with the times and the demands of the public. The nature strongly anchored to the structure that was set back in 2003 was no longer appropriate to a user of 2016, now eager to instant content, impact and which do not require too much of their time to be understood and dissected...

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