Signs And Symptoms Of Depression

Signs And Symptoms Of Depression

How is Your mental state? Are you sure you are not being depressed? Many people who experience depression but did not realize it. In fact, the sooner the depression are known, it will be more manageable.
Signs And Symptoms Of Depression
9 signs to recognize depression:

1. Feeling depressed or sad are inevitable

Depression usually occurs when a person feels sad all the time, almost every day for two weeks. Feelings of depression are usually visible when individuals communicate with those around him. Irritability is one of the characteristics.

2. Less interested in activities

A strong feeling and apathy towards activities that are usually run with pleasure can also be associated with depression. If a man experiencing depression, then usually she will feel this for at least two weeks in a row.

3. Weight increases and decreases for no reason

The weight suddenly diminished in one week or reduced and increased appetite are not stable also could be one of the signs of depression. Children who are experiencing depression usually experience fewer growth rates.

4. Insomnia or excessive drowsiness flavor

People who are depressed usually sleeplessness or often woke up at night. Excessive sleep every day for two weeks also can be a sign of someone affected by depression.

5. psychomotor Symptoms

Depression is also demonstrated by the existence of signs of psychomotor, such movements do not need to be done or the slowness of the process of thinking and reacting. The symbols can be either be paced, squeezing hands, twist the hair, and more. If someone does these things for about 2 weeks straight so it can eat is a sign of depression.

6. Fatigue

Fatigue that is not caused by excessive work means caused by excessive mental pressure. If someone is feeling always tired and lack energy per day within two weeks, then most likely that person is being depressed.

7. A feeling of guilt and unable to

The guilt of excessive and unwarranted is one of the signs of depression. In people who are depressed, these feelings occur during almost every day. When depression becomes more severe, the person may even experience delusions or hallucinations.

8. Decreased ability to concentrate

In sharp reductions in concentration and focus can also be one of the signs of depression. A depressed person is usually marked by his inability to think clearly. Usually, the reduced concentration is known by the people closest to you like family, friends, or co-workers.

9. The idea of suicide

Almost 60% of people who think about suicide, depression, and about 15% of his actually committed suicide. People who are depressed usually think about suicide, planning, or even do it. more article visit twisted-vineĀ  HS

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