Makeup Tips to Revoke a New Beginning

Make-up must suit you, your skin and of course a ball gown, and it will last all night without getting lost or smearing.

The New Year always starts with the most glamorous time of the year: the football season. In three quarters of the time you swing in an elegant robe through a festively decorated ballroom. A suitable make-up must do two things: look glamorous and last a long time. With these tips, a noble appearance works!

1. A good primer

The basis is a good primer. After facial treatment, use a primer to achieve even skin tone. You will find more information about the main panacea in the article “Ideal base: Smooth skin thanks to the primer”. Skin defects can be hidden with concealer or masking pen. Light and light skin is important because artificial lighting in the ballroom specifically emphasizes the bulge. Even when applying concealer you don’t need to be saved.

2. Dark lips

Dark red, delicious lips today are very trendy, but not suitable for every situation – but a glamorous ball in any case! To keep the color good, the contour is drawn with lip liner and then painted perfectly – here’s the tutorial.

3. Smokey’s eyes

Those who prefer to focus on the eyes are always advised with classic smokey eyes. The colors can be applied calmly a little more intensely at night. Looks very harmonious when the color of the dress is reflected in eye make-up. Eyeshadow palette helps find matching color combinations. The make-up tutorial for Smokey Eyes can be found in the Beauty Tutorial.

4. Repair powder

To make the look look classy even in the morning, the binder powder is used. Enough to apply for finished makeup and a rushed night ball has nothing to block.

5. Can it sparkle too?

Yes! But only in the cleavage. Because shiny particles hide small wrinkles easily. However, on the face, it lacks glitter. Too many good deeds are quickly exaggerated and undermine a noble appearance. You will find more tips for décolleté in this article.

6. Beauty friends in the evening bag

Sparkling evening bags look adorable, but offer little space. Therefore, content must be considered properly. Space-saving oil control paper helps fight shiny spots. If the focus is on the lips, lipstick should not be lost due to tightening of course. His favorite perfume in the scent, handkerchief, cellphone and full sample format is a bag.

Now that’s the makeup tips you can try. Hopefully useful, to meet again …



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