4 Tips on How to Beautify Your Garden with a Patio Planner

Private garden for many favorite places to relax – and the terrace forms a comfortable center for family life, Sunday breakfast or for warm barbecues. Therefore, the outside living room must function. Here you will find tips on how to reach your goals quickly and individually with a terrace planner.

Tip 1: First find the right floor for the terrace

Visually attractive, while easy to maintain and as strong as possible, the floor cover must be on the terrace. Many first thought about natural wood, which of course was very suitable for the green environment in the park. However: Wood grows over time, requiring a lot of new treatments and layers regularly.

It’s just as interesting as wood, but at the same time it’s far less complicated and easy to maintain, called wood composite. They consist mostly of natural ingredients, also enhanced with additives and are therefore very durable and strong. This saves a lot of time and effort in the long run – and instead gets pleasure from the glorious terrace view.

Another advantage: unlike pure wood, composites are not chips – if you and your family like to walk barefoot on the terrace, you will be happy.

Tip 2: Choose colors and seeds to suit your home

After the material is found for the floor, it’s about choosing the color and finishing it. Most different colors are available. Timeless classics like natural tones and warm chocolate or strong anthracite are very popular.

It is also interesting if natural wood grain can still be seen. In any case, the color must match the style and architecture of your house. Various nuances give you all freedom.

Tip 3: the terrace planner allows a new terrace preview

The first plan, then build: According to this premise, you have to think carefully about how large your new terrace will go towards the floor board and what materials for the installation are needed.

Mode easily guides you step by step through all questions so you can’t forget anything and then receive the right planning on your home PC. Terrace planner applications for iOS and Android go further: thanks to Augmented Reality, you can actually put down the terrace planned in front of your house. From the substructure to the footwear board you can see all the details and if necessary make small adjustments again.

Tip 4: Assemble patio furniture to fit the new floor cover

Have you chosen footwear floors in trendy anthracite? Then the terracotta flower pot looks a bit annoying. So the terrace is fun all round, you have to collect every detail from a piece – like you also living room furniture to choose to fit in with each other.

Therefore it is advisable to align the seat, terrace table and other furniture items with each other in terms of color.

For the icing on the cake, you can also ensure, for example, that you have a fence and screen made of the same material as the terrace floor. Your new living room is living up to its name.



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