4 Things You Must Think Before Wedding Planning

Just said yes, just got engaged or already in the middle of planning? I only remember the first time after “YES”. Because the experience buzzed around the celebration, the stomach sparkled with tingling, searching for your inner Queen Shopping has four dresses and her dreams are incessantly lace, pom poms and cupcakes? When the person asked me THE question I really answered “YES!”, It took less than 24 hours and my brain had gone through complete reprogramming. After I covered myself with all kinds of wedding magazines, my head buzzed again. So many fun things. But what do you really need? After marriage, I often thought, “Oh, has anyone told me this BEFORE! Then we will save a lot of time and money!” And someone I want for you today, I will tell you BEFORE all the madness, what awaits you.

1. You won’t be able to please everyone!

My honest answer and my tip: Yes, dare you, in a double sense. Say no to things you don’t want. This is your day, your party, (maybe your money) and you don’t want to spend it on things that don’t suit you or what you don’t like in your heart! Of course, conflicts can arise beforehand if you don’t invite someone. But: It’s better before marriage than at the party and: You can never please everyone! Therefore you can do what you want. After all, this is your celebration that reflects you as a partner!

2. Being doubtful is the first step to becoming a bride’s home

My advice: sit with your loved ones at the beginning of planning and collect CONCRETE inspiration (for example on Pinterest, Loverly, in a wedding magazine, or on a wedding blog). Collect all who come in your way and bring up “wow”. Create collage images on Pinterest. This will definitely be grateful by your service provider. Because if you show a clear picture of what you imagine, then they can do it faster and better. Do you find favorites? Good! Keep it in a small notebook – because the road to marriage can last for another year, and if you feel doubt or relatives are involved in your vision, dig and remember what your marriage wants! So, try to find out what you want and the rest goes by itself.

3. Everything will take time! A beautiful location fully booked 1 year before

Many think now, “Oh, that’s impossible! A joke like that! What is being said to us now?” But it’s actually not an urban myth: A beautiful location and a good service provider are usually fully booked 1 year before the wedding date. So, if you dream of a wedding in your dream location overlooking the lake and fantastic food, go to the calendar and pre-plan! Similarly, wedding dresses often take several months to be sent after purchase. At the bridal model store you only try samples. Your personal dress will be made and it takes time. Often you need change that takes time again. So take your time! Then guaranteed with the desired location. And cocktails by the lake.

4. Fourth But still you can register for the office registry just 6 months in advance

Yes, that’s crazy. Because the location is usually more than a year earlier, but the registry office can only be 6 months before the book? And on a rope that dares to hope that the day of desire is still free? In the office? With bureaucracy? Yes, that is all. In other words, stand at the beginning of the deadline exactly 6 months before your wedding at the civil registry office. Be the first to get the date you want. It is best to think of an alternative office, if you have to (not!) Fold it with your favorite.


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