10 Valuable Tips From Professionals For Wedding Planning

Have you just got engaged? Congratulations! In madness, you might think about wedding planning: what will happen, what should you consider, what to do and when?

So you don’t have to dig yourself through the depths of the internet, we have asked someone who really knows: In an interview with Mag. Kate Prokop

of Wedding Planery explains the experienced wedding planner and founder of the Wedding Box, what is it in the wedding planning arrived.

He is also good enough to provide a free wedding planning checklist as a PDF download: Just click here to download your wedding list. With an 8-page document and 10 valuable tips from Kate, nothing can go wrong on the best day of your life!

1. Dear Kate, what should be the first thing to do about planning a wedding when you have just got engaged? Where did you start?

A tip in advance: Do your own way and don’t let yourself be confused by the convention and “But it makes you” slogan! One thing is certain, a pleasant time awaits you, from the first consideration to planning to the big day. However, plunging into planning can be a bit excessive, because the flood of information is endless.

Ideally, you first correct the date, make a guest list and rethink the budget. As soon as these three points are clarified, it makes sense to start looking for suitable locations.

Make a list of which points are very important to you and what you can do without – and ask twice before ordering a wedding so that all your wishes and ideas are safe.

If a suitable location is found, you can think of other service providers and plan step by step. The challenge for service providers is finding the “right” that is right for you.

2. How long is your bridal couple’s wedding list?

That depends on how far I support the bride in planning.

Total planning can take 6 months to two years. We are proud to be able to tailor our services to every opportunity and to plan, organize, and carry out every event at the highest level. On request, we also support only part or provide advice.

Many brides want to plan and organize themselves. We support them with important knowledge, partners and address frameworks. DIY (Do It Yourself) means planning lots of things yourself and getting advice from professionals. The difference for “normal” wedding planning is that wedding planners are not on the site with all promises. Couples are given checklists and take planning and appointment appointments independently. Regular consultations allow you to accompany the entire planning period.

No matter what the bride and groom decide, in the free preliminary conversation, someone knows each other and finds out which variant is the most suitable. Then walk step by step toward planning and as needed, checklist – in detail and length – adjusted.

3. What time period (minimum to maximum) is realistic for wedding planning?

We have a wedding planned for two years before and the couple plans their wedding in two weeks. Everything is possible. The less time available, the more flexible.

4. What mistakes most brides make in wedding planning, what do they forget?

This is often less about forgetting than about time. Especially in the last weeks before the wedding there is often a lot of pressure on the couple, because they have not done a number of things they have been urging for a long time.

This includes, for example, seating plans, which can sometimes be very complicated, or hotel reservations, if you are married outside. Especially in the summer months, many places are often booked several months in advance and it creates unnecessary stress, even for all guests to find a hotel room or to arrange shuttle services.

A dance or refresher course is – if it happens right before the wedding date – it’s a bit of a burden rather than enrichment, because you want to fill the remaining time with lots of little things and no joy in dancing lessons.

5. Under what conditions can you do your own wedding planning (DIY wedding)?

Fun in planning and organizing is the most important thing. Some couples plan and organize themselves, for others who take good friends or maybe companions.

And you need time. Especially the time factor is often underestimated and can then be a burden. The days and weeks before the wedding are a wonderful time to enjoy. There must be anticipation and there is no panic and therefore DIY marriages are not for everyone. But if you have a good army together, then it can also be a very enriching time.

Every marriage and every couple is different and especially in marriage one must listen to his feelings. You don’t have to do it all yourself, you can get support in certain areas, maybe just for the wedding day.

6. What are the current trends in marriage?

Personally, I’m not a big fan of trends, because marriage is very eternal and individual and is perfect for couples.

However, for several seasons, we have seen that gold and rosé-gold are in fashion and that this trend will continue for some time to come.

Sustainable marriage is becoming more and more popular, which means that you also think about the environment when planning your own wedding. For

example, when it comes to flower arrangements and food choices, regional features and seasons are considered.

As the color of this year’s wedding you will find more “Greenery” in magazines and blogs. In recent years, natural and unpretentious marriages are very popular – in harmony with nature or a very simple marriage.

And in terms of styling, this year designers are wearing lots of lace, which are flavored with metal tones – white wedding dresses get accents in gold, beige or glitter.

After a long time, a colored dress or gown reappears with a color accent, either with the bride herself or with the woman around the bride, who is dressed in uniform shades.

Hairstyles are looser and looser and you expect in 2017 many bridal hairstyles that are open in an invisible display, curls or braided elements. It’s been last season, hair ornaments made of flowers, bouquets or hair bands must be owned.

If we think back to DIY marriage, then this year we have many beautiful DIY ideas for decoration, such as stamp cards, handwritten signs and lots of balloons.

7. What do you offer as a wedding planner?

As a wedding planner, we support couples throughout wedding planning, but also at DIY weddings. We organize our own workshops on different topics or help with several areas of marriage. Very popular this year is our decoration concept and implementation. We tried to put the red thread at the wedding and saw that the small and beautiful details came every day.

There is also our Marriage Box, where we have now worked again for a year and which has become a planning package for couples: A box of beautiful things and a Marriage Guide Book with more than 120 partners from the wedding industry – from Vienna to Vorarlberg and even outside the Austrian border. The Wedding Box with the Marriage Guidebook is a wedding kit for a bride and groom who just started planning, being in the middle or just needing a little.

With addresses, tips, interviews and specials, the heart of the box – Wedding Guide Book – provides a perfect picture of wedding planning. Combined with product samples to try and get to know each other, Wedding Boxes are the ideal companion for your wedding preparation. According to the principle of “The Editors Pick”, a selection has been put together to save time and energy in choosing the right service provider. The Wedding Box promises orientation, acts as a guide and brings some suggestions and surprises with him.

And: We are very happy to plan a wedding abroad, e.g. in New York and Boston, where we have our second footing, but also in Greece (Santorini), Ibiza, Italy or Thailand. Because I grew up in Carinthia, we were also very often for weddings at Worthersee.

8. What is your best or most enjoyable experience as a wedding planner?

There are so many wonderful memories about my marriage. Many brides have become friends and accompanied me today. But my best friend’s wedding last year was one of my highlights. Anticipate, plan together and wait for the big day – just a wonderful time I don’t want to miss. On the wedding day, my team did everything perfectly, so I didn’t have to worry about anything, was able to enjoy the day with my girlfriend completely and was very relaxed.

There are also some funny experiences: from a groom who goes to the wrong church to the groom who sinks his wedding ring a few hours after the wedding in the pool. Both stories went well.

9. What are the most frequently asked questions?

What do you do as a real wedding planner?

And the question is quite easy to answer: what is expected of us. We help implement ideas and ideas and keep tracking. We accompany and support you during planning, during the day and happily afterwards. We help with words and deeds and create stress-free planning times and casual wedding days for newlyweds and families.

10. What advice do you give to each new bride?

This is your marriage and your day. You will never be able to please everyone and you must always set the rules for today. But most importantly: have fun with preparation and enjoy time until the big day.

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